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Beauty is all around us.

Our job as designers is to help
this on-the-go world appreciate that beauty.

I'm endlessly inspired, extremely motivated,
and deeply passionate about exactly that:
Slowing down and appreciating the messages and reason behind every design.

My background is in information design,
but has become so much more.


I was the youngest editor and designer
to create the front page of the Chicago Tribune
(and worked for years editing and designing newspapers).


I have since become an art director, with work in content marketing, and learned how vital is it to deliver a message in a clutter-filled world.

But what good is the message if it's not intelligent?
Not useful?
Not beautiful?


I take each project, and with great care and enthusiasm, seek solutions to any challenge. My designs bring intention, beauty, and message for overwhelmed eyes. 

Let's create a project together.

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