Beauty is all around us.

Our job as designers is to help this on-the-go world appreciate that beauty.

I'm endlessly inspired, extremely motivated, and deeply passionate about exactly that: Slowing down and appreciating the messages behind the beauty (or the reason behind every design).

My background is in information design, but has become so much more.


I was the youngest editor and designer to create the front page of the Chicago Tribune (and worked for years editing and designing newspapers).


I have since become an art director in content marketing and learned how vital is it to deliver a message in a clutter-filled world.


In the last ten years, I've been a sponge to ads, announcements, billboards, books jackets, branding, infographics, invitations, magazines, mailers, menus, newspapers, packaging, photos, posters, slideshows, signage, tabloids, as well as design trends, print production, social platform deployment, website development ... ultimately: many, many forms of content delivery.

But what good is the message if it's not intelligent?
Not useful?
Not beautiful?


I take each project, and with great care and enthusiasm, seek solutions to any challenge. My designs bring intention, beauty, and message for overwhelmed eyes. 

Let's create a project together. 

Elizabeth K. Shields © 2018